It is a dream for every professional to become his/her own boss. Lure in the clients, owning an official address and above all, becoming your own boss- all sum up together to make you love your profession which is on the best career path.

Well, if consulting is the job you vision to own, and then let me tell you the fact; it is everything but not easy. It is one of the toughest jobs which engage you in all sorts of the drill. But, from my personal experience, I want to share vital points that will save your skin and make you the rightful owner of your firm.


  1. Accept people, after all, they are your clients- if you have a filter for people around you as cannot stand snobby, unpleasant and cranky people, then think twice before making a career choice. The crux of the profession is to communicate in a friendly way especially meeting them in person numerous times. So, cheer up for every meeting, corporate lunches and even when you meet people.
    In fact, meeting with different folks will help you to figure out the individuality/personality of people who will work with you in the long run.
  2. Put your knowledge forward– be well versed in your client’s demand and provide them sound advice. The client expects to know something new, feasible and original. Do not give raw, uncooked and advice based on assumption. You are judged on the quality of your service, so be well acquainted with the domain you are hired for.
  3. Charge the client intelligently- tricky part for the entrepreneur. Any entrepreneur wants to provide the best to the clients and the foremost thing they do is charge way less than they deserve. This might be due to the lack of fee calculator tool for a consultant. But actually, it results in self-depreciation.
    Do not underestimate yourself, charge a bit higher than your expectations; people will pay you for your service not for your rates slashed. Remember, people are more cautious while shopping in a sale.
  4. Suave is the demand- well, might sound flashy but remember when you had your first interview, your first date or you had to deliver a speech somewhere in high school. Well, with everything in mind you had the baggage of looking smart and presentable.
    You meet people every day probably face to face and your job demands to influence them with your knowledge, the way of talking and appearance for sure. Try not to dress shabbily or overdress yourself.
  5. Forget the boss within you- this is puncturing your dream of ‘becoming your boss’ factor. You are paid by your clients and you owe those hours they paid for. So, rein yourself and work smartly and very hard for your scores of bosses. finally, they expect results and hard work from you.
  6. Be ready for distress- a consultant can be exposed to situations where it might require to take medical help to combat stress, tough conditions and moments of complete devastation.
    It is a brutal job and can cost you emotionally, physically and mentally. Prepare for such situations and try to rise above when you hit rock bottom; after all, that’s the only way to escape from it.


Still if are ready for the job then, believe me, the world is waiting for you. It is an awesome job profile and I wish you luck for it. The consultant inside you should be prepared with the focus, strength and go-getter attitude to the job.