You don’t have to be a professional or a motivational speaker to be required to deliver a speech anyplace, anytime. You might have to present a speech for a client, a trade organization or even for your prospective partners; the list is just endless in the professional circles of the great Indian corporate culture. Just take the basic shenanigans out of a speech and focus on delivering specific, informative, ‘gyaan’ to a group of people for upto 20-25 minutes, so that they feel enlightened at the end of the run time.

Your proposal should just be a summary, just a written statement of the theoretical arrangement already gained in prior discussions with the prospective client and nothing more. It should just reaffirm the agreement already entered into with the partner. It should also educate the client of the fees required for all the values delivered. It’s a final written understanding of the contract, its silent features and et al.

Here are the basic components of a first-rate presentation:

There are some basic things; you need to take care while jotting down a perfect script for your stellar speech that might catapult you to superstardom in corporate circles.

  • You need to have a catchy opening. Use anything, humor, shock and awe, with, almost anything under the sun, but you need to capture the audience’s attention and you need to do it any way you can. Once you break the ice, everyone is looking up at you starry eyed and the upcoming 20 minutes is going to breeze. If you fail to ace the beginning, the remaining part of your lecture is going to be a yawn-a-thon. The first two minutes are the key to what lies ahead and you need to put yourself and your organization on the picture from the very beginning. Try to highlight the business you represent by throwing up a striking feature of the business that you represent. “We at let’s GFD consultancy”
  • Once you got the people’s attention, the tough part is done, congratulations, but the tougher awaits you. Because for speeches that may go beyond 25 minutes and run well into an hour, you will need to have a solid body to what you say and manage to keep it informative and funny all along. You will need to support and substantiate what you say with anecdotes, and random facts that keep your audience entertained and informed at the same time.
  • Keep your speech as interactive as possible and let the people be aware that they make ask questions but only after your speech is done. That keeps the audience informative and keen and pays more attention to what you are saying. Taking questions during your speech can prove counter-productive, and last thing you want, is one question has derailed you from what you were going on with in your speech.
  • The way you end is as important as you begin and you need to be sure that you finish gracefully what you have started. You should go throw a short summary of what you have said about yourself and the organization so that is instilled in the minds of your listeners which only facilitates an informative and knowledgeable Q&A session later.

You are required to keep certain other things in mind too. Because while giving a speech a lot can go wrong, and most of it might begin from something so inconsequential and innocuous, that you could have never seen it coming.

  • Don’t tell a story just for the sake of telling a story. It should be relevant and central to your idea and add value to your summary.
  • Don’t invoke fun at someone else’s expense, though invoking laughter at your expense (if only done right) can work wonders.
  • Too much reliance on power points will result in seriously overkill and ruin the mood.
  • What you have circulated as handouts to the audience should never be repeated during your speech.

And last of them all, but nevertheless the most important. Be confident and sport a smile at all times. It eases tension and relaxes everyone around.