Even you are comfortable with what you sell and sell a lot of what you sell, you may still encounter a unique problem where the business is a little difficult to sell to, even if your service and the client’s demands are in perfect harmony with each other. Some businesses are just too complex to deal with, with too many converging accountabilities, scattered decision making and a horde of buyers. A complex hierarchy makes it difficult to single out the person you need to reach out to specifically but over time it has been observed it is easy to do business with these large clients than small or medium clients.

You just need a sound strategy in place and we at Econstra Pro would like to bring to your attention some considerations relevant to dealing with such complex organizations.

Even though the business might seem too complex to single out the person responsible for the buy, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Usually hiding in cubicles with misleading titles, like a’ consultant’ or an ‘advisor’ or a ‘coordinator’ or a ‘director’, these people are usually responsible for handling inquires and sanctioning sales. Old hierarchical standards, office sizes (a cubicle in comparison to a cabin), or a business card can never be used to qualify the buyer.

Large businesses are not known to hire run of the mill consultants, or run of the mill anything. Everything has to be to a set prescribed standard and when it comes to taking their advice to run your business, you can only imagine how high the bar is set. Since you are not a Mckinsey or another multi-national you will need to be ruthlessly professional and perfect with your expertise with the same precision that is required to make a spacecraft. Getting a big business on your pay roll will tremendously will affect your cash flows and you should put your best foot forward to seize the deal and seize the day.

While working in a high-performing, professional, no-nonsense environment, you will need to be ruthlessly professional and comforting at the same time, so that key values of trust and integrity are not compromised upon. Insisting on byzantine legal provisions or stringent copyright conditions on your forms might not create a trusting and facilitating environment with the customer. You always need to look at the bigger picture and provide high value to your client to get and keep getting his business.