Just like the ocean in ruthless corporate culture too, there are sharks and there are fish. Plural of fish is fish, but that is not what should concern you. What should concern you is that you can either be the shark of the ocean or the fish of the ocean. And unlike the ocean, in professional circles, in the ruthless cut-throat corporate world, you can actually masterfully craft your trajectory from a mere, inconsequential to a bigger fish, if not a potential shark.

Some of the sharks, larger consultancy firms in India are:

  • McKinsey & Company
  • Boston Consulting Group.
  • Bain Consulting India Pvt Ltd
  • AT Kearney
  • Accenture
  • Tata Strategic Management Group
  • A. F. Ferguson & Co.
  • Arshiya International Ltd.

Size does matter and your client will always think your service will be inferior to the sharks would control the major chunk of the business. Once they have made their minds it’s difficult to convince them to have a re-think but you can always try, and here’s how you can do that because Big is not always better, and things which are considered ‘too big to fail’ often fail miserably , just the 2008 global economic meltdown.

  1. You need to convince the client that the larger size of the consulting firm is more of a disadvantage than an advantage which is actually easier than you think it is. It is actually common sense. When the prospective economic buyer/ client is contracted with you, he is always dealing with the chief of the business and directly with your firm which establishes a personal touch, and that is a far valuable currency that you could imagine. The client should be made aware that when contracted to you he is directly dealing with a blue blooded professional, the principal of the business and no other junior partner in the firm, way down in the official hierarchy and scheme of things.
  2. The prospective economic buyer should be made aware through the best of your conscious efforts that once contracted to you he is not only dealing directly with the principal of the business but also paying for value and minimum overheads. Excessive, unnecessary costs like multiple offices, larger administrative backups, recruiting et al are not applicable when the client is contracted to you.
  3. When the client is personally contracted to you and a since of connect looms large and there is less likelihood of any leaks of vital, confidential information. There are no or extremely less chances of privacy or confidentiality breaches as only a few hands are working on the project. There are lesser consultants working on the project with you being the principal so chances of leaks are less, and chances of differing opinions sabotaging the project are lesser. Since too many cooks are known to spoil the broth.
  4. The client deals with you personally and not an unknown person on the other side of the phone who is going to have to run your request through the hierarchy of the bureaucracy, only to get back to you ‘as soon as he can get’, which normally takes hours. You on the other hand can take the calls and reply to them instantaneously, so a personal connect is maintained and further flourishes, there are hardly any delays and new information is processed faster.
  5. You bring to the table your undiverted attention and unquestionable loyalty, something which your prospective economic buyer won’t have access to if he has contracted a large consultancy with multiple layers of bureaucracy.