A broker is an individual person who arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed.

The number of brokers sprouting up representing themselves as negotiators between consultants and clients seems to be growing exponentially and you should do your bit by not facilitating the rise of this culture.

The relationship between a client and consultant is more than just a professional one and relies on personal connect and mutual respect, hence there is hardly any need of a ‘middle man’ who is going to facilitate the exchange of ideas and correspondences between the two main parties of the contract.

Mainly, brokers are just mediators, arbitrators, agents, conciliators, linkmen who make money recommending the services of the consultants to the clients.

They bring no value to the table, help in creating nothing to note , but end up making hefty commissions just by introducing a prospective economic buyer to a client and have no expertise or knowledge to make their livings of their own.

Just like every other business in India, middle men and their imagination run rife in the consultancy business too and you should help in promoting this culture directly or indirectly. So just approach an independent consultant or consultancy directly without giving much heed to a middle men, because you are neither just elevating your own costs but also increasing the costs of the market, since your middle men is going to take a hefty commission from the consultant just because he introduced you to his business.

Brokers will just prove to be an unnecessary hurdle in your business in the long run and something will always come in your way to maintain a long term relationship with your client. Because if something goes wrong between you and the middle man , he will do everything possible to take the client away from you by showing him other options.

Vengeful brokers are a menace and you are required to ignore that breed while you still can. Most of them work on a ‘prospect’ business, something of a matrimony service, and hardly knows the specifications of what the consultant serves or what the client desires. If you might be the best consultant with respect to your specialization, he will shamelessly recommend someone else to a prospective economic buyer, because he hardly cares about the client and would rather bring business to a consultant who is going to make him a significantly higher commission.