“The only source of knowledge is experience.” This great proverb was said by Albert Einstein, one of the top physicists to have ever lived.

We agree to this; every word of it. We have seen awesome intellectual consultants who possess huge knowledge in their respective fields but somehow lack the experience to “consult” someone. Having wisdom and practically applying the same are two very different things.

These firms and individuals may know their trade but unfortunately are not able to implement the same when required. This is really a disaster. Many such intellectuals have shut shop and they couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with them.

The underlying issue is that they don’t exactly know how and what to say while consulting their existing or prospective clients. Each business has different requirements and so the approach in dealing with them should vary accordingly. When you’re providing consultation on business and management, it is expected of you to know more than your client. The client will tell you only a gist of that business; you’ll have a figure out (instantaneously) what they exactly want and how to resolve their issues. That is the level you should reach.

The issue is not very different with IT Consultants. IT is an ever-changing landscape. If you’re an IT consultant, you must know the “new” stuff in the market. Your client might just need a Hybrid App for his business but you suggested a Native App which not only marred your reputation but increases your client’s costing. Remember, your advice will be verified once you bestow them. Don’t take your clients to be complacent. They’ll do their homework and only then will they act on your consultation.

Bottom-line is that you need to have excellent basics and also learn how to “consult” in addition to just being knowledgeable in your trade.

EconStra PRO can help you master “consulting”. Our consultants are one of the top consulting folks across the globe. No, we’re kidding. They have years of experience in their fields. You won’t be trained by just any trainer. You’ll be trained by seasoned consultants who will teach you exactly what you need to learn and how you can apply the same in your business and with your clients. We also have a dedicated team of IT professionals who will help you combine IT and Consulting to help you enhance your experience and simultaneously increase your chances of closing (new) deals with your clients.

Why are we confident that we can help? It is simply because we have tasted success with our current methods. Not only that we constantly experiment and upgrade on our existing procedures to ultimately produce the best possible results. So, you should expect to get the best and the most upgraded training and mentorship across the country. We are here to help and make sure your investment doesn’t go in vain. We guarantee that we’ll help you out throughout the course and promise that you’ll attain a whole new level after you’ve completed our course (s).