Over the years we’ve seen CA and CS consultants struggling to fetch or retain clients. These individuals or firms have immense knowledge in their trade. Somehow, they fail to fetch new clients or retain existing ones.

Handling financial matters is always a pain for anyone. Companies are ready to pay huge amounts just to get the right CA/CS consultant for their company. Fact is that there’s a dearth of them. The existing individual consultants or firms in the market may have a good grasp of their subjects but somewhere down the line they’re facing trouble in developing their business and consulting with the right approach. We’ve been seeing this for quite long; we decided to change it.

As EconStra PRO is a part of EconStra Business Consultants, you can trust us. Why? EconStra is has ample experience in the field of financial consulting. We know and have proven methodologies as to how a CA/CS individual firm can fetch new clients or retain old ones without any hassle. We’ve experimented and learned. We strictly don’t believe that theoretical knowledge is enough to venture out into the practical world.

We implore you to join us since it’ll be definitely beneficial for you as it has been beneficial for hundreds of other companies who have been trained by our consultants. We understand the gravity of handling finances. It’s the blood of any company. One small mistake and the company can shut down permanently. Keeping those important factors in mind, our course is developed in a way so that you’re able to manage any company’s finances with ease as well consult them like a professional financial company should. You might not know, but your potential is far beyond than you can imagine. Our mentoring and training programs will help you unleash them.