A Russian chemicals trading company requested our help in developing a comprehensive growth strategy, focused primarily on international expansion. In the course of developing the strategy it became clear that success would largely depend on understanding the dynamic interactions with other market players: competitors, customers, and suppliers. A war gaming exercise was needed to test the robustness of the strategy.
Our client was a mobile telecom in an established African market. The company's initial focus was on providing consumer mobile services, but it was now ready to expand into providing structured offerings to the business telecom market. With less than 50 percent of the market accounted for, business telecommunications represented a major opportunity that would require key decisions about pricing packages, types of handsets, contract relationships to provide for volume discounts, and value-added services.
A leading communication company was challenged with driving greater sales with a reduced budget. The management team wanted Econstra Pro to use their new, advanced analytics to understand the “real cost of acquisition” of all marketing sales drivers across offer, media, and channel in order to make better investment allocations to generate more sales with less budget.
A leading investment firm was considering an investment in an enterprise networking equipment vendor. A key component of Target Company’s product portfolio was devoted to integrating Storage Area Networks (SANs) with the standard enterprise network. The investment thesis was largely dependent on the future equipment and protocol trends for this growing segment of the enterprise technology market.
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