Distinguished Consultants LLP

Distinguished Tech Consultants LLP is a company specializing in agricultural business. The team is filled with talented people with great laurels from various reputed institutions. But there was one thing lacking in common among them. None of them had any prior experience in agriculture. The CEO of the company told us that their conversion rate is very low. In India, the agriculture business owners are not very literate. To consult them in their own language and converting business out of them was the challenge.

EconStra PRO recommended them to go through a rigorous 3 week program since time was short. We allotted them a mentor who’s specifically experienced in agri-business. We went through actual conversation exercises with agri-business owners who are our partners. We prioritized our tasks and kept the less important things in pipeline.

Presently, their conversion rate has increased by 50%. The consultants are very happy with our training and they’re coming back in winter to take part in our advanced sessions.