For some time, veterans of my communities have asked for “special time” with Econstra Pro experts, as they believe we can help at their particular level of success and career progression. We’ve tried to give that with a selection of offerings and close experiences, but we think it’s time to celebrate the chance for those who have acquired the knowledge and experiences obligatory to grow radically—individually and proficiently—within small groups.

Econstra Pro has consulted with people internationally on needs and choices. We have studied what others are doing having strong brands, long-time affairs, and requirements for closer expansion experiences. We’ve tried to manufacture what we’ve learned and heard with our sole communities and strengths.

Econstra Pro’s Circle

  • Preference to people of the community. Qualified newcomers will be admitted according to our approval.
  • Sixteen people are highest in any group, though groups may consist fewer.
  • Eight unique communicative teleconferences for every group.
  • Up to ten percent discount on all of our participative events.
  • Precedence enclosure in events: you will get in.
  • Two assemblies in a year with the group, inaugurated by Econstra Pro. Locations will differ, according to membership.
  • A yearly estimation of your growth and positioning, with a modified booster kit according to your specialized and individual goals.
  • Twelve-month membership with a 10% diminution in fees for the second year.