You need to make your client your partner in solving the problem. You first need to educate the customer about the problem and later make sure he is on the same page as you while you go about diagnosing the immediate crisis plaguing his business. Customers can be a fickle bunch and unless they understand what’s going, distrust creeps in so you need to educate your customer on every process and make sure they join you in the process. This is how loyalty, mutual respect and trust develops over the long run and that is how you can maintain efficient running of your business without the useless nagging of a suspicious client who feels he is being kept in the dark. You just have to do what is required and ask and offer the customer what they want. Do what is required and nothing over the top. Make sure it is communicated to the client at all times, what steps are you taking and how is it affecting your client’s business.

It always helps to keep your clients in the loop with details and the overall trajectory of your plans because this helps in killing mistrust and increasing improvisation.

You should at all times consult your client because you need to remember it’s the client’s business and money in the first place. Make your customer the part of the solution and not part of the problem, it always pays in the long run.