All issues pertaining to money should be talked out with the buyer with the modus operandi of establishing value with the buyer. You should have no hesitation in addressing the ‘elephant in the room’ but are advised to tread with caution because you shouldn’t come across a money-grabbing professional but rather someone who is passing true value onto your clients and is being adequately compensated for the same.

With all that said and done, dealing with ‘money’ in delicate and sensitive settings can be a different ball game all together and must be treated with immense caution. Delicate environments include charities, non-profit companies and very very small businesses. These clients are plagued by a true lack of money to invest and a deep rooted fear of being ripped off by consultants. Since ‘value’ being generated by you can’t be used as an effective enough ploy always to make your clients pay up, you will need to think out of the box and come up with defensive ploys that might prove helpful in this case.

  1. Ask the budget of your client firmly. Just don’t shoot in the dark and make empty estimates. Know what you are working with.
  2. Be prepared at all times to post a counter offer to your client and try to meet him somewhere in the middle.
  3. Consider non-monetary compensation where it becomes necessary, absolute and imperative.