Over the years, we’ve seen that there are many individual professionals/consultant who possess a high intellect. They have excellent clients too. These individual consultants are actually very knowledgeable but somewhere down the line, they lack something. This something is exactly how to consult?

Most of these intellectuals think that they’re great consultants. But we receive tons of queries every week as to how solve so and so problems of their clients? If they’re really good, why are there so many queries? As it seems they lack certain skills. Today individual professional training is a necessity and not a luxury.

With a little bit of skill upgrade, these individuals can be assets to the industry. Our precise set of tools and methods help the individuals achieve the required level of excellence.

The story is not very different in the case of life coaches. They too are individual service providers. Take for example Tony Robbins. He’s a name that rhymes with life coaching. Life coaching is a joint work with an experienced life coach and a client designed to unleash his/her full potential. Just as an athlete wouldn’t dream to train without an added insight, enthusiasm and the expert perspective of an expert athlete coach, a good percentage of business leaders, CEOs, individual consultants, entrepreneurs use the services of a life coach to take their business or their professional life to the next level.

Life coaches and individual consultants are basically on the same drowning boat. They are skilled, no doubt about it. But when it comes to consulting and closing a deal, there come the real problematic scenarios. At EconStra PRO, our practicing consultants will help you master the techniques and methodologies to “consult” and close new deals with your existing and prospective clients.

Our life coaches are experts who match the brains of top life coaches across the world. No, we’re not kidding. They have previous training and experience in their trade which makes them trailblazers.

The trainers and mentors have verified consultants who are currently working at EconStra itself. So, you can be sure of the quality of education we provide. Our course material goes through several steps to make it the best and the most understandable.

The skills that you’ll learn will be in practical scenarios we’ll be setting up for you. Hence, when you face real clients, you won’t be flinching. You will be confident in any situation you face thereafter. That’s the guarantee we provide you if you follow our program diligently.