Econstra Pro is offering four, restricted partaking, 1.5-day retreats in beautiful venues around the country. This is a chance to discover enlargement and fresh ideas with colleagues in sessions organized by Econstra Pro. These are not workshops; they are communicative discussions with ample of “air time” for everybody since we are letting only 15 people to each one.

Some important Workshops

Overcoming Fear

  • Recognizing explicit and concealed fears
  • Differentiating the lawfulness from the unlawfulness
  • Making anticipation and containment
  • Accepting cautious risk
  • Avoiding “choking” and fright
  • Increasing mental strength

Becoming More Prolific

  • Altering routines
  • Fixing convincing priorities
  • Stick to individual metrics
  • Mastering fine art of refusal
  • Improving your speed
  • Identifying synchronicity

Improving Ingenuity, Brands, and IP

  • Originality in writing
  • Inventiveness in visuals
  • Adapting conflicting delivery models
  • Never-ending IP
  • Utilizing client “laboratories”
  • Coagulating your name as the product

Setting up a Retail Business

  • Codifying your tactics
  • Shifting skills
  • Laws of desirability
  • Increasing passive profits
  • Reaching to six billion people