We offer highly influential coaching globally. The monitoring class is conducted by master trainers.

Private Roster

This program is scheduled for six months to unlimited access to mentors by phone, fax, e-mail, etc. We provide strategic (how to increase visibility, position, set fee) and tactical (winning objections, critical proposal, what to say to the meeting) help to people. Admission is limited according to the availability of master mentors. The service is provided on ‘first come first serve’ basis. With the help of your mentor, you have to choose the right program for you. Then you start with studying your present condition, anticipation, and primary value plan. After that, you have to establish your mentoring goals. The style and frequency depend on you; we will return all e-mails and phone calls within time. The fee required for mentoring is not refundable.

Guided Monitoring

Some people who want highly structured connection along with extra liability for acquiring their goals can qualify for this particular program. We make this program with the highest priority and make detailed game plan along with certain completion dates. We also make a formal schedule of contact to discuss actions and any hindrance, which prevents short-term tasks from being finished. We enforce finishing dates and task activities. The areas we work contains contacting prospects, making a book proposal, creating publicity materials, writing articles, contacting speakers bureaus, writing a book, following-up on leads, setting up networking events, creating a website, creating a brand, creating products, etc. Basically, we pick up three and four and we offer templates along with specific tasks and finishing dates. This particular program is provided for exterior enforced discipline, where you will be liable for certain completion tasks on specific dates.

Total Immersion

People who want to ‘jump start’ the process, we offer them this specific program. It includes the meeting with a mentor with two different events to learn office management, writing, prospects, way to handle clients, interruptions, invoicing etc. We usually spend substantial time on your goal and strategy and make a plan for advancement.

General Information

There is a free Mentor Meeting approximately every certain period which draws between 70 and 100 participants, and a complimentary monthly newssheet which holds the best of Econstra Pro’s thinking on individual and business expansion, which is sent frequently to participants. You also become a member of Econstra Pro forum, an international destination for entrepreneurs and professionals discussing everything from politics to marketing, and life balance to fees. This is a lifetime membership. You will get an assortment of discounts to learning experiences, be able to figure intelligence groups, network, and take part in teleconferences without time limits.