Writing a proposal is often tedious and many seasoned consultants are pretty confused on how to go about it. It’s a dull and boring job but unless you ace this part of your business, you are not going to cut much slack with your prospective client. The consultants are required to use clear and lucid language without needless jargon or legal trivialities, which might not come across as inviting to a client and might even put him off.

Your proposal should just be a summary, just a written statement of the theoretical arrangement already gained in prior discussions with the prospective client and nothing more. It should just reaffirm the agreement already entered into with the partner. It should also educate the client of the fees required for all the values delivered. It’s a final written understanding of the contract, its silent features and et al.

First thing is first. You must know everything about your competitors to close a deal faster. Knowing the areas you are better than your competitor will help you to make a better sales approach.

The proposals should have the following elements:

  1. Summary: It is just a summary of the project entered into with the client.
  2. Objectives: The deliverables expected from the project.
  3. Measures: The measures for determining progress and success.
  4. Timing: Starting of the project, ending of the project and duration of the project.
  5. Accountability: The commitments of you and the client.
  6. Terms and conditions: Fees and payment for each option.

You are required to have two copies of your proposals that you need to send across to your client. One for him to sign and return signifying his approval and one for him to keep it as reference.